CNC MC & Lathe Maching

SilverFall offers a wide range of custom CNC machining services including prototyping, small production runs and special blanket order arrangements with periodic schedule releases to accommodate varied project requirements. The combination of superior CNC machining equipments and the unsurpassed knowledge and experience of our team members as well as our strict quality control system enables SilverFall to produce the best custom-made metal CNC machining parts featuring complex shapes and high dimensional tolerances, while providing a cost-effective solution for short production runs for our diverse customer base. 

CNC Precision Automatic Machining

CNC Precision Automatic Machining Capabilities

■ Ideal for parts from small size and complex structure

■ Idear for shafts as long as 1 meter (39.37”)

■ small quantity to high volume at fast cycle times (as low as 1 second)

■ Minimum 3mm (0.1" ) bar capacity to 32mm (1.26”) bar capacity

■ Multi spindles with cross and end working stations

■ Sub-spindles for back of part deburr

■ Automatic bar loader capability for high efficiencies


■ Brass: ASTM C36000, C37700, JIS 3603-3604, GB Hpb 59-1, H62, H63 

■ Stainless Steel: 303, 304, 316, 316L, 17-4PH, Nitronic 50

■ Alloy Steel: 1010, 1020, 1045, 12L14, D2 Tool Steel

■ Aluminum: ASTM 6061-T651, 2011-T3, 7075-T651

■ Plastic: POM, Nylon, PTFE 

Surface Finish

■ Irridite/Chemical Film/Conversion Coating 

■ Anodizing 

■ Polishing

■ Powder Coating, Painting

■ Plating with Nickel, Electroless 

Nickel, Zinc, Chromate, Dichromate, etc.


Silverfall offers various CNC Machining capabilities to perform complete and complex machining to your die casting parts. All of our die casting machining fixtures are designed and built in house, allowing for a high degree of customization and short lead time.

We have Japan “TAKISAWA” CNC lathes, Taiwan “GOODWAY” CNC lathes, Japan “BROTHER” CNC horizontal machine centers and vertical machine centers.

These machine centers have spindle speeds up to 18000 rpm and feature high pressure coolant and 4th axis capabilities. Equipped with high speed pallet shuttle systems, cycle times are greatly reduced, allowing us to maximize efficiency and save much cost.



SilverFall is a quality driven company with strict QC procedures to ensure our customers' maximum satisfaction. We promise delivery of quality diecasting and machining products through process development and advanced product quality planning (APQP). Quality Control is built into the process handling with a series of inspections and various testing equipments to strengthen products' reliability and to make sure that all products are defect-free when they leave our production plants. 

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