Customized Aluminum Zinc Die Casting CNC Precision Machined parts

SilverFall is   your single source supplier for precision machined aluminum and zinc die   casting components, offering integrated services including in-house part   design assistance, and rapid prototyping to test form, fit, and function,   optimize manufacturability and drive down costs. In addition, we offer full   tool design and build, perform all types of secondary operations and provide   all finishes. And, except for the first tool, all other back-up tools will be   free of charge during the project



We have 160T, 280T, 400T cold chamber and 88 tons hot chamber machines with automatic landlers and sprayers to ensure cost effective production methods. We cast in aluminum alloys of B380 - A380, 360 and ADC-12 and in zinc alloys Zamak #3 and #5.



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Silverfall offers various CNC Machining capabilities to perform complete and complex machining to your die casting parts. All of our die casting machining fixtures are designed and built in house, allowing for a high degree of customization and short lead time.


We have Japan “TAKISAWA” CNC lathes, Taiwan “GOODWAY” CNC lathes, Japan “BROTHER” CNC horizontal machine centers and vertical machine centers. These machine centers have spindle speeds up to 18000 rpm and feature high pressure coolant and 4th axis capabilities. Equipped with high speed pallet shuttle systems, cycle times are greatly reduced, allowing us to maximize efficiency and save much cost.


Machining Operation

·       CNC Milling (4 Axis CNC M/C) & CNC Lathe Machining

·       Drilling - ±0.01mm Tolerance

·       Reaming - ±0.01mm Tolerance

·       Tapping - All Kinds Of Threads Standards, UNC, UNF, NPT, BSPT,BSPP, etc. Threads Vertical 90°±0.5°

·       Grinding - Horizontally And Cylindrically To Standard Grinding Tolerance

Finish Operation

·       Bead Blasting/ Shot Blasting

·       Impregnation

·       Irridite/ Chemical film/Conversion Coating

·       Anodizing

·       Powder Coating

·       Painting

·       Sanding, Buffing and Polishing

·       Nickel, Copper Plating, etc.

·       Other Finish As Per Customers Requirements


Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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