Customized Stainless Steel CNC Precision Machining parts


Our products are widely used in various industries such as pneumatic & hydraulic valves, mechanical parts, medical devices, lighting accessories and electrical appliances, etc. We are familiar with the international industry standards, especially the ASTM, ANSI, DIN standards for materials and processing. We have professional engineers to guide and supervise the production at site and 100%QA inspection is performed for shipments before delivery. We can also use CAD-CAM, PRO/E to design drawings as per customers’ specifications and samples, making 3D models for the tooling design and 3D die casting simulation analysis. As a professional supplier of custom products in this line, SilverFall is proud of possessing the advanced equipments for production, inspection, measuring and testing. Since our company was set up in 2006, our shipments are 100% qualified and meet the most satisfaction by our customers.



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SilverFall is a quality driven company with strict QC procedures to ensure our customers' maximum satisfaction. We promise delivery of quality diecasting and machining products through process development and advanced product quality planning (APQP). Quality Control is built into the process handling with a series of inspections and various testing equipments to strengthen products' reliability and to make sure that all products are defect-free when they leave our production plants.

Procedures/Testing Details

All our shipments must completely undergo following restrict inspections to ensure flawless product quality before final delivery

·       All raw materials must be inspected by independent material testing institute before being used in the production.

·       QC inspections are performed at each stage of production. 

·       Random inspections are also conducted every day.  

·       A final inspection is conducted before delivery is authorized.  

Our inspection reports released by SilverFall engineers include material qualification certificates, sampling inspection report or bulk production inspection reports and other reports as per customers' requirements and specifications

Inspection Equipments

·       Series Digital Gauges, Micrometers & Calipers

·       Go/No Go Guages For Threads

·       HEXAGON 3-Coordinate Measuring Machine

·       Digitizing Measurement Profile Projector

·       Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

·       Spectrographs & Computerized X-ray Machines

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